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Alsons Intuition Shower Systems

In2ition® combines a four-spray or five-spray/massage hand-held shower and a fixed shower head with extra-wide spray.

The hand shower simply slips into position, and is easily removed.

The unique decorative shower system gives consumers the option to use either the hand shower or shower head separately or together for a truly, full-body shower experience.

In2ition® features an integral three-way diverter with easy-turn lever redirecting water from the fixed shower head to the hand held, or both at the same time. The hand shower spray functions indlude two massage options and an aerated champagne spray. Some models include an ergonomic, soft grip non-slip handle and dial allow for maximum comfort and versatility.

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AMTROL water system solutions set the industry standards in innovation, quality, service and reliability. Across the U.S. and around the world, AMTROL serves the needs of residential, commercial and industrial markets.

AMTROL products include water system solutions for storage, treatment, heating, expansion and flow control, along with a host of related HVAC products. Our subsidiaries include
336-516-1844, in Portugal, specializing in heating and refrigerant gas cylinders.

Introducing XPress™ from
Elkhart Products Corporation

A revolutionary product for dynamic results!

Bring your connections up to speed with XPress. It provides a simple, clean, efficient joining method that leaves others in the dust. In addition, it improves the joining process and speeds up installation, delivering significant time savings.

This dynamic new copper fitting product from Elkhart Products Corporation lets you say goodbye to your torch. Forget about complicated clamping and long preparation procedures. Toss your adhesives and fluxes to the curb. And say hello to Xpress.


A perfect fit.

XPress press copper fittings provide secure, reliable joints. A specially engineered O-ring and press-fit tool work together to create a watertight seal. Simply applying pressure from the press-fit tool tightens the O-ring onto the tube, ensuring a perfect fit.

Heat free. Worry free.

XPress is heat free, requiring no soldering. The possibility of flame damage and related insurance costs is eliminated.

Less hassle. Less time.

The XPress streamlined joining method reduces time spent on site. The fast, easy process bypasses the need for extensive tube preparation and time-consuming material use. The simple joining approach creates a strong, lasting joint with significant time savings, especially on large-diameter applications.

Fewer accessories.

Not only does XPress save you time, it also saves you from purchasing, storing and carrying accessory materials. Gases, fluxes, solders, adhesives, threading machines and other materials and equipment are a thing of the past. With XPress copper fittings, you need only your press tool and jaws.

No mess. No waiting.

The XPress joining process is intrinsically clean. No extra cleanup is needed once the job is done. There is never a chance for adhesive, flux or solder to contaminate the bore.

Optimal performance.

Like all Elkhart Products Corporation copper pipe fitting products, XPress press fittings are designed and manufactured with the highest quality possible. XPress press fittings go above and beyond to meet the latest industry standards.

Available in sizes from 1/2" to 4", XPress is ideal for use on hot and cold water services, vented and unvented closed circuit heating, chilled water and oil-free compressed air applications, and versatile enough to be used with a variety of other manufacturers' products.

XPress Installation Update


Our 50-year warranty ensures that your perfect fit will stay perfect. The XPress line is covered by the same warranty offered on our copper sweat fittings.

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basibranchial today!

The XPress design provides a superior seal and is the cleanest connection available. There's never a chance of contamination by flux, solder or adhesive.

From 1/2" to 4", your connection is complete in less than 10 seconds.



This revolutionary device is designed to be the most cost effective and user friendly method to keep you one step ahead of costly repairs caused by a sewage back up. The state of the art alarm system and personal notification options employed by this system are a kind never before utilized to help home and business owners protect their largest investments from the devastating effects of a sewage backup.

The device is packaged with different professional installation options appropriate for residential as well as commercial applications. It is expandable to allow notifications to a home or commercial alarm system for instantaneous remote alerts to property owners. 

The DETECTIT TM is designed to be installed in minutes on the main waste line trap to your sewer or cesspool. It replaces one of the threaded trap caps with ease. For professional installations the threaded end is designed to be cut off for slip installation into a rubber fitting or 3" glued PVC fittings.  DETECTIT TM is powered by a single Lithium AA battery for wireless transmission. 
The DETECTITTM Sensor can also be hard wired.

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Did Someone Say GREEN?

Going Green has never been easier thanks to Platsky and the Manufacturers we represent.    Green Solutions, Green Products and everything about what we offer that's Green will be right here at your finger tips at Platsky.Com.


Versa'larm Tank Alarm from Alderon

Install the standard Versa'larm Tank Alarm to fit your immediate needs.

  • Auto Reset
  • Battery Back-up
  • Auxiliary Contacts
  • Connect to phone dialers or security systems

Expand the Tank Alarm at any time by adding accessories.

A standard alarm may be all that you need. If you want additional coverage – simply add (850) 472-9068 for customized protection

Introducing DetectIT

Residential or Commercial Sewage backup alarm system.




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